Preliminary Program

Finding the shortest way from fascinating research results to a successful product is particularly important in data- and innovation-driven industrial sectors. This is why the industrial conference  Data-Driven Future and the science conference i-KNOW have taken place together for years. Discuss the latest research results directly with renowned expert scientists! Such a bridge between industry and science can only be offered at Data-Driven Future.


Morning Focus
Data Market Platforms
Vital Infrastructure for the Data-Driven Business Models of Tomorrow

Many industries currently undergoing the Digital Transformation are discovering the incredible versatility and scalability of data-driven business models. Data Platforms provide the technological and organizational ecosystems required to market your data successfully and to solve problems using data data marketed by others. The resulting platform economy has become open to all types of industry, not just the innovative technology companies who initialized the trend. In this track, experts will outline the further development of data platforms and companies will present how they harnessed the transformational power of platforms in their businesses. Let us discuss how your company can profit from platforms, too!

Afternoon Focus
Smart Production
How the Digitalization of Production Processes creates Value for Industry

The vision of Smart Production and Industry 4.0 foresees the utilization, democratization and interlinking of data that is already available, or can easily be collected, to optimize processes, increase quality, comply with safety and environmental regulations and reduce costs. Innovative big data analytics methods, including advanced prediction algorithms, are spreading rapidly through many industries. In this track, industry leaders will share their perspective on future developments and companies will present findings from real world smart production projects. Let us discuss how to best generate value from the digitalization of production processes!


Morning Focus
Data Driven Marketing
Analytics, engagement and campaigning based on data-driven technologies

Marketing experts around the world are discovering new, data-driven methods enabled by the vast amount of openly available information on user behaviour, preferences, products and markets. A new generation of data-driven tools and methods provides insights into customer and target groups, market opportunities, social media presence and brand perception. The intersection of social computing and information retrieval will continue to generate innovation in data-driven marketing. In this track, marketing, media and technology experts will share their experiences. Let us discuss how your marketing project can profit from data-driven methods!

Afternoon Focus
Smart Health
Break down the Life Science data silos

Advances in big data technologies have led to completely new medical and health products as well as services. We see early effects for example in data-driven biomedical research, which promises the identification of new biomarkers. All this is possible by breaking up the data silos in all relevant domains. Ultimately, health and social data of individuals will help to improve diagnostics and pave the way for personalized medicine and prescription. In this track, data scientists and other relevant interdisciplinary stakeholders will investigate the data challenges of different Life Science areas hand in hand with domain experts. Let us discuss the data challenges and opportunities for you smart health plans!