Call for Papers 2016

16th International Conference on
Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business
October , 2016, Graz, Austria

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Conference Theme:
Cognitive Computing and Data-Driven Business

In our understanding they represent the technological and business-oriented perspectives on the same phenomenon.

i-KNOW 2016 on the one side, aims at advancing research at the intersection of disciplines such as knowledge discovery, semantics, visual analytics, social (semantic) and ubiquitous computing.
The goal of integrating these approaches is to create cognitive computing systems that will interact naturally with humans, learn from their experiences and generate and evaluate evidence-based hypotheses. That is, we interpret cognitive computing as the convergence of various knowledge technologies research fields. We are specifically interested in the integration of data-centric and user-centric approaches and welcome contributions from both ends of the spectrum.

i-KNOW 2016 on the other side, is interested in examining the application of such cognitive computing technologies in different application domains such as Industrie 4.0, Learning 4.0, Computational Life Sciences and (Open) Science 2.0. Here data-driven business represents the business perspective on cognitive computing and takes application specific knowledge (such as semantics) into account.